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There’s a hero inside you.

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Captain Courageous is a not-for-profit foundation exploring cures for rare blood diseases. Any help you provide, big or small, will directly contribute to children and their loved ones living longer, healthier and happier lives. We welcome you to join our mission. We’re certain there’s a Captain Courageous inside all of you.


Understanding bone marrow failure.

Bone marrow plays a critical role in the body’s health and defence function. Diseases that cause bone marrow failure directly affect the body’s ability to produce new blood cells, reducing the amount of oxygen delivered and weakening the main line of defence, leaving it susceptible to a hoard of other threatening diseases.

What we’ve discovered

One thing we know for sure is that with the ongoing support of industry professionals and people like you, we’re getting closer to finding a cure – from our early studies replicating a diseased cell in a test tube to our current preparations to move into clinical trials and uncover potential treatments for a wider range of blood cancers. It’s amazing how far we’ve come. We’re not slowing down, and our mission won’t end until we find a cure.

Angus Bond:
the origins of our mission

Our story begins with Captain Courageous himself, who unlike most young children had to battle some very real monsters.

Our mission
is to help find a cure

No man, woman or child should live with the unknowns of blood cancer.




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My Hero Day


Captain Courageous Gala Event 2018


Our gorgeous new ambassador Olivia Rogers is crowned Miss Universe Australia


Wish granted for young fan

It’s better to give and receive.
Every donation counts.