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Jack Sargeant’s Story

The much anticipated birth of our first child Jack, didn’t go as smoothly as we had hoped. Jack came into the world already fighting for life and very anaemic, and was rushed off to special care immediately for transfusions and treatment. For seven weeks we didn’t know the cause, but after his first surgery (a bone marrow biopsy) he was then diagnosed with DBA. Because it’s such a rare condition, we were scared and upset and didn’t know what to expect. We’re thankful to the staff at Westmead Children’s Hospital for looking after us so well during this time.

Jack was put on very high doses of steroids immediately, and thankfully this did work for him – stimulating his red blood cell production. But unfortunately it also had a massive impact on his growth, along with other side-effects.

Seven years on, Jack is taking a much lower dose of steroids. Due to the treatment, he has already had two surgeries on his knees, and we expect more in the future. But this does not prevent him from living life to the full. He is a great little athlete who loves playing soccer and cricket, being outside, and riding his bike. What Jack lacks in height he makes up for in personality, he is really funny and enjoys being with his friends.

We still have to visit Westmead regularly for check-ups. Every time he has a blood test, the nurses comment on how awesome he is – he simply says ‘Ow’ then smiles at them and says ‘thank you’.

We are very grateful for our wonderfully strong son. And by supporting the Captain Courageous Foundation we’re always praying and hoping for better treatments and a cure for DBA.

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