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About Captain Courageous

For every 36 hours that passes, an Australian child is diagnosed with blood cancer for which there is no known cure. Times like these call for heroes, and the Captain Courageous Foundation provides opportunities for each of us to act heroically in many different ways.

Our Mission

We have our mission, and we've chosen to accept it. We seek a cure for children suffering life threatening bone marrow failure diseases by funding crucial medical research.

Fearlessly exploring cures for rare blood diseases, our collective team of leading academics, researchers, respected professionals and sponsors is working daily to help children and their loved ones live longer, healthier and happier lives.

We're expanding current research efforts and, through consultation with leading Australian academics and researchers, sponsoring further projects that will speed up the research of bone marrow failure.
The coordination of these efforts aims to enhance understanding of the diseases, make improvements in diagnosis, treatment and direct patient care. Our research isn’t just for us – we share outcomes with similar organisations around the world.

No man, woman or child should live with the unknowns of blood cancer. We welcome you to join our mission by donating today.

The true value of donations

Every dollar raised by the Captain Courageous Foundation is put directly into funding the Australian Diamond Blackfan Anaemia Program.
These donations are worth more than their weight in gold; they help children and their loved ones live longer, healthier and happier lives.

The Captain Courageous Foundation uses donations like yours to pay for research done in arrears of any involved institution or university. While this is unique in itself, our mission has a direct path forward and we believe donations and funding should be handled the same way.

To find the answers, we're working to finalise our current research program. The next phase in our mission is to fund a new collaboration in Sweden, worth $250,000, before finally funding our patient clinical trial.
The answers are getting so close we can almost see them. The next stages require $750,000 to be completed, and each dollar donated moves us another step forward.

With your help donating blood and much-needed funds, we'll move faster than a speeding bullet!

Jessica Bond OAM

Director, Founder
Captain Couregous

There are many defining moments in life. Some change the course of a day; others change the whole course of life. For my family, one of our biggest defining moments came when our son Angus was diagnosed with the rare, life-threatening disease Diamond Black-Fan Anemia (DBA). With only 800 people in the world affected by DBFA and no known cure, this was our call to action. We created Captain Courageous to fund research by some of the world’s leading medical and scientific minds to unlock the cause of this rare disease. My vision for the foundation is to see it achieve its mission of finding a cure for courageous children such as Angus, and potentially discover breakthroughs for more common diseases such as Leukemia. We have come so far, and it would be wonderful to see the reward from all the hard work. These children deserve a better life.

What does the word ‘courageous’ mean to you? One isn't necessarily born with courage, but one is born with potential. Without courage we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency. We can’t be kind, true, merciful, generous or honest. These children are the true testament to this quote. The strength and bravery our gorgeous Angus can display in the face of hopelessness is truly remarkable. That is what courage means to me.

Eddie Taylor


I believe it’s possible for us to relieve pain and create better lives by finding a cure for DBA and other bone marrow failure diseases. While I’m proud to be part of an incredible team working for such an important cause, I’m looking forward to the day Jess rings me to say “we’re winding up Captain Courageous, we’ve just discovered a cure”.

What does the word ‘courageous’ mean to you? To me, courageous is watching young kids confront, endure and accept pain on a regular basis without complaint.

Andrea Carolan

Board Member

My greatest wish is to find a cure for DBA. I believe that the research being funded by Captain Courageous provides the single greatest chance of seeing this wish fulfilled. As one of my children suffers from this disease I have an obvious self-interest in helping achieve our goals, however the opportunity to share and increase my skills, creativity and experience is invaluable. While my vision for the foundation is to fulfill its mission of saving precious lives, I hope to see Captain Courageous hosting some of the most talked-about and well-attended events Australia wide. There really is no limit to the innovative and interesting fund raising activities the foundation can pursue.

What does the word ‘courageous’ mean to you? To me, the word courageous means to fully accept the circumstances that you find yourself in, allow yourself to feel the fear, and then take positive action regardless.

David Stock

Board Member, Director, Coffee Server

From the start I’ve been inspired by courageous parents, along with a courageous little boy called Gus. Witnessing all the challenges they each face on a daily basis moved me to help out anywhere possible. I saw a real opportunity to add value when Jess and Jeff established up the Captain Courageous Foundation. Ideally I’d like to see the foundation exist in a minimal capacity, having achieved its goal of finding a cure for bone marrow failure diseases.

What does the word ‘courageous’ mean to you? To me, the word courageous means being brave, resilient and taking risks.

Jeff Bond

Director, Father of Captain Courageous himself
General Manager, Dural Wines

As a parent, you would do anything for your kids. I remember before I had my own, another mother had said she would step in front of a train for hers. I understood her sentiment entirely when Angus first became ill. Rather than step in front of a train, Jess and I founded Captain Courageous. We’ve remained passionately devoted to the cause ever since. My vision for the foundation includes successful clinical trials that pave the way for significant funding to develop treatments for DBA. From there, to continue expanding our research to solve other blood-related diseases, providing hope to families around the world. Beyond that, I hope to see our family-built foundation attracting other talented individuals to continue the momentum Captain Courageous has built through its mission.

What does the word ‘courageous’ mean to you? After living with our courageous little fella, this one is easy. Courage is facing fear without regard or complaint. It is the ability to wince instead of scream. It is something that all of us want, but few of us truly demonstrate.

Matthew Bond

Board Member
Managing Director at City Central Group

As Angus’ uncle, my dedication to helping Captain Courageous raise funds and find a cure for DBA is unwavering. My vision for the foundation is to see it highly regarded for its major role in finding a cure for life threatening bone marrow diseases.

What does the word ‘courageous’ mean to you? Quite simply, Angus Bond. My own son, Lachie, was enjoying Christmas with his cousins on my wife’s side of the family. They were talking about their favorite Superheroes. Lachie interrupted with “well my cousin is a superhero and he is the bravest of them all. His name is Angus and he is Captain Courageous”. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Hamish McLachlan

Board member

Thanks to the dedication Jess and Jess continue to show, our entire team has both the driving energy and platform to make a serious difference. Through Captain Courageous and the support of our donors, we’re able to fund the world’s best researchers to find cures and treatments for a series of diseases, syndromes and afflictions. My vision for the foundation is for it to be shut down, as we’ve achieved our mission.

What does the word ‘courageous’ mean to you? To me, courageous means living, fighting, and battling without any sign of fear, and heading into the unknown without any trepidation or hesitant step.

Ward Thomas Gauvin

Board member
Director of Sales for Haircare Australia and Haircare New Zealand

Having a family connection with the Bonds, I attended a fundraising event in Adelaide and was inspired by Jeff and Jess' commitment to their children and the foundation. As a father of three sons, I have learnt that a child's "good health" is paramount and I wish to help raise money for children who are courageously battling health each day. I see the future of Captain Courageous as a nationally respected foundation, continuing to change children's lives through the success of dedicated research and fundraising teams.

What does the word ‘courageous’ mean to you? To me, the word courageous is that inner will and spirit to fight on against those odds when they’re all against you; to win, survive or be successful.
It’s better to give and receive.
Every donation counts.